A portrait of the competition

White-throated Round-eared Bat (Lophostoma silvicolum) [Canon 7D, 100mm, 3 x 580EXII]
White-throated Round-eared Bat (Lophostoma silvicolum) is an insectivorous bat that specializes in hunting katydids, the very same group of insects I like to catch (albeit for different reasons.) This species is common in rainforests of Central and South America. Note the large, leaf-like flap on its nose, which is a device that helps the bat direct and modify its echolocation signals. This species, however, relies not only on echolocation, but also uses songs of katydids to find them at night in the vegetation. I took this photo of an individual captured by Dr. Burton Lim, a mammal specialist from the Royal Ontario Museum, during our biological survey in southern Suriname.

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  1. Kathy Keatley Garvey says:

    Beautiful shot!

  2. very cool! Glad to see you are blogging!

  3. That’s competition I can accept!

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