No pockets, no problem

I was walking to my car earlier today and reached into my pocket to get the car keys. While pulling them out I spilled everything that was in it: some change, a couple of business cards, my office keys. And I thought: where did people put these things before the invention of pockets? Of course, these things had not existed before pockets were invented, but it made me recall a day in Guinea when I saw a young fisherman collecting mole crickets for bait. He was catching them, piercing them with a piece of plant fiber, and then weaving the fiber into his hair. Brilliant!

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  1. James C. Trager says:

    My hair is too straight and thin for this method. ;~(

  2. Yes, and Charles Darwin was collecting beetles and tried to keep one in his mouth – a bombadier beetle no less. I don’t know – I’m constantly carrying dozens of little zipp-lock bags (in my pockets), Just in case. I have been told that they are often considered drug paraphenalia now, but I usually have at least one that contains a live bug. That should convince any suspicious policeman or border patrol agent?.

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