Join me in Belize to learn macrophotography!

I am pleased to announce that I will be joining macrophotography legends Alex Wild, John Abbott, and Thomas Shahan in a tropical insect photography course in Belize later this year. The workshop will be held September 22-29, 2013. Today is the first day of registration – hurry up, it usually sells out very fast, and is limited to 20 participants.


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  1. I’d love to hold this event during the summer. But, August would put us in peak season at the lodge, which translates to a higher sticker price.

  2. RenoHatesMe says:

    I know you really mean that this photography course is in August of this year, not September. I can get away to Belize in August but I can’t get away for a week in September (I’m sure my students wouldn’t mind a week off but my Dean might object).

    1. I am afraid it is still in September. But there will be other opportunities for you to participate in the BugShot.

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