Slipping out of the skeleton

A time-lapse video of a male Chinese mantis (Tenodera parasinensis) undergoing his final molt. I recorded it last night over the period of 5:35 hours; this movie contains 494 individual frames taken with Canon 6D.

Note: If the quality of the video clip embedded below is poor, click here to see the uncompressed video.

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  3. Fantastic! You are always opening new avenues in quality bug photography, very inspiring.

  4. Melody says:

    That takes some tenacity to put together! Wonderful!

  5. Todd_A says:

    How cool!

  6. Susan Hague says:

    Beautiful. What interval were these stills shot at?

  7. Lynne Kelly says:

    Amazing and very beautiful. Thank you.

  8. João Burini says:

    Interesting concept, its a video but with the same lighting from the macro pictures!

  9. Amazing, Piotr! Thanks for sharing…

  10. smccann27 says:

    Wow! That is just great !!!!!!

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