BugShot 2013 in Belize

There are still a few slots available for BugShot 2013, a great opportunity to learn macrophotography in the rainforest of Belize from Alex Wild, Thomas Shahan, John Abbott, and yours truly. It is going to be a great event, at a fantastic location. You will not only discover the carefully guarded secrets of some of the best insect photographers in the world (e.g., what cameras they really use, how they drug their insects so that they sit absolutely still* etc.), but you will also learn a lot about insect biology and behavior, and visit a variety of Neotropical habitats.

Head on the BugShot.net to grab one of the few remaining spaces.

*) I am kidding, of course – real nature photographers never drug, chill, or kill their subjects.

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  1. Larawootton says:

    Oh no! I only saw the student waiver now, once the offer had expired. :P

  2. Man I wish I could go! I hope everyone has a blast; these sound like such great experiences.

  3. Gil Wizen says:

    These movie posters are hilarious! I especially enjoyed the subtext. If you have some available for sale at BugShot, I’m definitely buying! They will make the best souvenir ever, along with the useful knowledge.

  4. Isaac Mallol says:

    I would literally robb a bank, to go with my top three photographers to Belize to learn macro… I hope you repeat this next years… so I can start saving for that time :)

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